Product Update - Sefaira Architecture

We are constantly striving to improve existing functionality and add new features to Sefaira. This is an ongoing list of changes to Sefaira Architecture: 

Date Change Type
 7/22/2016 Shipped support for Revit 2017  New Feature
 7/7/2016 Improved native Revit parsing to mitigate issues with Generate Views and large models  Improvement
 7/1/2016 Prevent Sefaira from loading automatically when opening SketchUp  Improvement 
 6/29/2016 Date & Time Menu does not stay active long enough to engage with it. This ticket fixed the issue. Bug Fix 
 6/17/2016 Improve curtain wall querying in Revit to increase parsing speed.  Improvement 
 6/1/2016 Provide the user with an informative error message when the user exceeds the maximum plane count in SketchUp.  Improvement 
 6/1/2016 Fixed an issue with the DayViz scale not corresponding to the time inputs selected by the user.  Bug Fix
5/13/2016 Daylighting Visualization was not loading on Windows 7 with IE 10 and Revit 2015.  Bug Fix
5/20/2016  User can now copy a project on the projects page.  New Feature

SketchUp users are now provided a summary of modeling guidelines via a popup accessed in the Entity Palette.

New Feature

Saving a Baseline could cause the plugin to hang and become inactive. This is now fixed.

Bug Fix

The Daylighting Visualization window allows you to select specific floors for viewing via a clickable list. For models with many floors, that long list was getting cut off by the Daylighting Visualization window. Now, the list is scrollble so all floors are accessible. 


Your project's ASHRAE Climate Zone is now set automatically based upon your project's location.


Fixed! A bug in which Direct Sunlight results were incorrect when the date range crossed the year boundary.

Bug Fix

Fixed! A bug with the Direct Sunlight calendar menu, in which the calendar would disappear before it could be clicked.

Bug Fix

In Sefaira for Revit, we provide guidance to the user focused on proper modeling techniques. The guidance is delviered via a window that appears after "Generate Views" completes.

New Feature

We've updated Daylighting Visualization to use WebGL. This improves the speed and quality of the visualizations.


Support SketchUp 2016

New Feature

Fixes the issue in which daylight leaks through doors and gaps created by the thickness of walls/roofs/floors.


Decrease time for generate views to process and reduce a handful of errors


Unexpected Revit model interpretation causing problems with results has been fixed.

Bug Fix

Opaque elements in Revit curtain walls are now recognized properly.

New Feature

A bug causing light to leak into unintended spaces in a Revit model was fixed.

Bug Fix 

Added an on-demand run option in the SketchUp Real Time Analysis plugin.

New Feature
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