Video: How to use the Sefaira Revit plugin

This video outlines how to best model for Sefaira in Revit. 

There are, of course, many levels of detail and complexity of Revit model that you may want to use with Sefaira and the videos below show how you can explore more use case but keep in mind that Sefaira is most useful at the earliest stage of your projects and will take more time to reverse engineer an existing model than model with Sefaira in mind from the start.


The subject model was downloaded directly from the Autodesk's Knowledgebase.  Download the model if you would like to follow along with the videos.

Revit model 2016

Revit model 2015  

Revit model 2014  


Modeling for Analysis 


Modeling Guidelines for Sefaira for Revit



How to Generate Views in Revit



How to get a Complex Model ready for Analysis


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