Use Cases - Steps for every sector


Use cases are different for different sectors; offices require different priorities to healthcare and residential buildings. Below is a list of starting use cases for each sector linked to helpful Sefaira articles showing you how to get started with each one. 


Sector Use Cases
Hotels & Leisure Daylight Glare Control     
Education Overall CO2      
Student Living Room Daylight     
Healthcare Daylight Glare Control     
Offices Adjacent Shading    
Residential Balance Daylight & Overheating      
Public & Community External Daylight     
Retail Understanding ROI     


Of course, there are many more you will discover yourself by searching our Knowledgebase and using the Sefaira tools and these are in no particular order but feel free to see these as a way to get started using the tool with some basic models before your first big project with Sefaira.


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