Taking CAD (.dwg) files into SketchUp and Sefaira

I want to take my CAD file into Sefaira for energy, daylight and loads analysis







See this 10 minute video for how to;

  1. Save your .dwg file,
  2. Import it into SketchUp and clean it up,
  3. Draw simple zoned geometry in SketchUp,
  4. Open the Sefaira plugin and check geometry and initial energy feedback,
  5. Make any necessary adjustments or improvements,
  6. Optionally, look at the resultant Daylight inside the building,
  7. Upload to the Sefaira Web App,
  8. Optionally, add any zoning, space use changes, envelope changes to add detail to your analysis,
  9. Compare results



For additional queries please contact support@sefaira.com


Or see SketchUp's own guidance for more detail - Starting with a CAD file in SketchUp

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