Select Your Analysis Mode in the Sefaira Plugin

You now have the choice to run Energy analysis, Daylighting analysis, or both at the same time. 

Previously, in the Sefaira Plugin, Energy and Daylighting analyses would always run at the same time. So, if you hit "Update", two analysis runs would initiate.

That was perfect if you were interested in both of these dimensions of performance. It was less than perfect if you only needed to assess one dimension.

Separating the analyses modes ensures neither is unnecessarily constrained by the other.

Energy and Daylighting analyses are subject to different technical constraints. For example, EnergyPlus analysis lags when shading planes exceed 500. Daylighting analysis, however, can handle 500+ shading planes with ease. Decoupling the analyses ensures your Daylighting studies are not constrained by unrelated technical limits. 

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